OAK (Outdoor Adventure Kids)

OAK (Outdoor Adventure Kids) is a nature based group geared towards Old Saybrook kids in grades K-6 and their families, but all ages of students and their families are welcome. The group’s events focus on the discovery and enjoyment of Old Saybrook’s natural resources. The group has two annual events where kids become citizen scientists. Each June they find and tag horseshoe crabs along the Old Saybrook shoreline. Each September the group has a Monarch butterfly event where they examine the butterfly life cycle and tag Monarchs before they begin their migration. Other activities have included moonlight hikes, beach explorations, trail maintenance and stewardship, and scavenger hunts in the woods.

OAK provides opportunities for families to appreciate the diverse habitats of the shore and uplands and connect with our rich natural environment. Hopefully, group members will have so much fun while learning that they will grow up to be good stewards in the future. For more information email: oakhikes@gmail.com

Events will be posted on Old Saybrook Land Trust social media, including Facebook and Instagram. Families who request to be emailed via oakhikes@gmail.com will also be notified of all events.

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