About the Old Saybrook Land Trust

The Old Saybrook Land Trust is committed to and enthusiastic about working with the Town of Old Saybrook’s Conservation Commission to protect our natural resources and help to increase community awareness of the threats impacting these areas. The Land Trust looks forward to partnering with the Town of Old Saybrook to meet, and perhaps exceed, the State goal to set aside 21% open space for the enhancement of the quality of life of our neighbors.

The Old Saybrook Land Trust gives private citizens the opportunity to become directly involved in conserving open space and protecting important natural resources. We work with private landowners to protect their lands through several conservation techniques including outright donation, purchase or conservation easement. These landowner options often result in significant tax benefits as well as provide a family preservation legacy. The Land Trust can also assist private residents in educating them around the environmental significance of their property. And finally, the Land Trust provides opportunities for interested individuals to be involved and contribute financially towards the purchase of appropriate land parcels within the town.

A volunteer board manages and directs the organization:                                 

John Ogren, Co-President

Anna Termine, Co-President

Jeannine Breitenbach, Treasurer            

Janet Adams

Maureen Fahy

Barbara Guenther

Mary Hermann

Bob Lorenz

Karen Maines

Cathy Malin

Susan Petit

Jan Sherwonit

Jim Sherwonit

A dedicated membership is active in the following areas of interest:                   

  • Stewardship of trails
  • Adult Education Programs
  • Child Education Programs
  • Grant writing
  • Fundraising/Events
  • Fundraising/Large Donors
  • Guest speakers
  • Newsletters