Early Land Acquisition 1969-1972

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The gift of land referred to in the 1970 note from Dick Tietjen refers to a piece of marshland donated, by Quit-Claim deed, by Richard Drudi, Jr. and Richard T. O’Connell, both of Old Saybrook, to the Saybrook Land Conservancy. The records include the quitclaim deed and warranty deed for the Meadowwood property, for lot #17. This marshland is referred to in several places as “less than one acre,” .3 acre, and 3.20 acres.

Also in the records there is a Connecticut Warranty Deed Vol 153 Page 303 from Lawrence S. Scofield to Saybrook Land Conservancy, Inc. A map of the property donated to the Land Conservancy is entitled: “Final Subdivision Plan Ferry Point Estates Land of Lawrence S. Scofield Ferry Point Area Old Saybrook, Conn. Dec. 23, 1963. Revised May 20, 1969.” This paperwork was signed on November 30th, 1972 by James D. Reardon, Eva-Marie Currier and Lawrence S. Scofield. This property is .95 acres.