Saybrook Sightings


by John Ogren, our "Nature Guy"

Northern Gannet should be able to be seen with binoculars from all shoreline locations. These large acrobatic sea- going birds are noted for their “cartwheel” dives as they feed on the large schools of migrating Menhaden. I have seen up to 75 of these birds flying an inline formation (very similar to Pelicans), as close as 100 yards off of our town beach.

Northern Gannet Photo

© Ganesh Jayaraman

Northern Gannet


November is also the month when wintering waterfowl start showing up. Common and Red-Throated Loons can be seen everywhere off shore.  Ruddy Ducks (look for their pointed upright tails), Buffleheads and Black Ducks are in South Cove.


Ruddy Ducks by the Baldwin Bridge


When there is a shortage of food up north, we have had an abundance of winter finches. Pine Siskins may have shown up at your birdfeeders. White–winged and Red Crossbills (very rare visitors) have been seen in the pines along Great Hammock Road.

White-winged Crossbill Photo© Chris Wood

White-Winged Crossbill




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Video taken by our president, Joe Nochera, around Town.