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A month by month compilation of some of the wonderful things to see out and about in Old Saybrook from our "Nature Guy" .

March - March is when Woodcocks start their remarkable courtship display. One of the best locations to see and hear this is the field at Great Cedars West at dusk. Sit on the parking lot timbers and listen (please do not go out into the field). You may here their “pent”. The males take off, fly straight up 100-150 feet, and then flutter slowly back down..

 American Woodcock



April- Many people consider the arrival of Robins as the first sign of spring. Actually we have Robins all year but they are usually not out and about as much in the winter. My favorite spring harbinger is the male Red-Winged Blackbird. The males show up about 6 weeks before the females in order to lay claim to the best breeding territories. You can often see these guys fluffing up their brilliant scarlet “epaulets” in full display.  

Red Wing Blackbird



Another of the many April arrivals are the Snowy and Great Egrets. In 12 years of keeping track of their arrival in the Plum Bank Marsh they have always shown up within a day or two of April 1st. The unnaturally warm winter of 2012 was the first variation of this-they were 2 weeks early.


 Snowy Egret




May- The month of May signals the arrival of our Horseshoe Crabs. Old Saybrook Land Trust has been actively participating in Project Limulus, a research project with CT DEEP and Sacred Heart University, for the last 3 years. Thru May and June we have volunteers measuring and tagging these guys as they come ashore to breed. If you find one with a white tag please report the tag number to the phone number listed 888-546-8587 (please try to do this with a minimum of disturbance to the crab). They are not yet endangered but their numbers are seriously declining.



More cool stuff...

Wood Frog

Click here for a great  video taken by our president, Joe Nochera, in Town Park recently.

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