Saybrook Sightings


By John Ogren our "Nature Guy"


This is the time of year, that we are usually starting to see the first amphibian movements as they come out of hibernation and start heading to vernal pools, ponds and streams. Another sure sign of spring are the Woodcock courtship displays.


GOOD LUCK with that! Unless we have a dramatic change in our weather pattern, nature’s spring events will be delayed at least a few weeks.


This severe winter has taken a tremendous toll on all wildlife, but especially on waterfowl and predators. Coyotes, foxes, fishers, as well as eagles, hawks, owls and other predators are not able to find their “normal” prey. The smaller rodents such as rats, mice, shrews, etc., are comfortably hiding out under the snow. Fish are under thick layers of ice in most places.

fox  fisher


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Video taken by our president, Joe Nochera, around Town.